Dear new user

Welcome to BUX Zero, thank you for trusting us.

In BUX Zero we understand that the transfer of your portfolio from Ninety Nine to our platform may cause some doubts, so we strive to ensure that our customer service team is able to solve your main questions.

In addition to this, we want to be able to provide you with the necessary information so that you can do your own checks.

As of today BUX Zero offers around 4400 stocks, and we are continuously adding new assets to this list. However, there are some stocks that unfortunately we will not be able to offer, and therefore migrate from your Ninety Nine account. This list only constitutes an increasingly small proportion of our overall offering.

Please, be aware that if your shares cannot be migrated, Ninety Nine will sell them on your behalf before your Ninety Nine account gets migrated/closed.

Below is a list of assets that we cannot accept, please note that this list is may change over time. BUX Zero is not responsible for any changes to this list: