What is it?

Users who buy French stocks whose companies have a market capitalization of more than 1 billion euro pay a 0.3% tax on the netted transactions in a security throughout that day (you pay tax on the netto increase in position per day). BUX automatically withholds this tax on each BUY transaction you conduct in a relevant security and refunds you at the end of the day for any excess FTT that may have been withheld. You can find an example of a calculation below.


A client does the following trades in Air France/KLM during 1 trading day:

  •  Buy 100 shares at 12,10

  • Sell 40 shares at 12,50

The client needs to pay tax on the value of 100-40 = 60 shares at the price they bought it at.

So the client needs to pay tax over: 60 x 12,10 = 726 EUR

Tax = 0.3% so they need to pay 726x0,03 = 2,17 EUR in FTT

To what stocks does the FFTT apply?

The French government publishes a new list of stocks to which FTT applies on an annual basis in December. You can find the latest (and current) list here.