If you’re a Belgium resident, you have to pay tax on stock-exchange transactions (TST). At the moment BUX cannot do this for you, but from the 1st of December 2022 we will be able to do this for you. This means that for all transactions made before the 1st of December 2022, you’re required to submit this information yourself. The declaration must be filed and the tax paid, no later than the last working day of the second month following the month the transaction was executed. So that means that all transactions made in November 2022 need to be paid and declared no later than the 31st of January 2023.  This can seem a little complex so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. 

What is TST?

Residents of Belgium are required to pay a tax every time they buy or sell a financial security, whether it’s a Belgian asset or a foreign asset. It’s called the Belgian Stock Exchange Tax or ‘taks op de beursverrichtingen’ or ‘taxe sur les opérations de bourse’ (TOB). 

How is it calculated?

This tax is calculated as a percentage of the total price of the executed orders. For stocks the percentage is 0.35% and for ETFs the percentage is 0.12%. The maximum amount of tax per transaction is €1600,-.

How will we help you?

Each month BUX will send you an email with a breakdown of every order you have executed (buy and sell) and the amount of tax you should pay. This document was created to facilitate the report and you will find all information needed.

When do I pay the tax?

The declaration must be filed and the tax paid, no later than the last working day of the second month following the month the transaction was executed. If you have questions about this please contact the authorities in charge (by email: CPIC.TAXDIV@minfin.fed.be)

BUX will send you the document each month. All you have to do is print, fill in, sign and send the form to CPIC.TAXDIV@minfin.fed.be

Please note that the filing of your declaration is your sole responsibility and that BUX will not accept any related liability. 

How to fill in the declaration?

→ The above title : ‘DECLARATION ON THE TAX on stock-exchange transactions FOR THE MONTH..../.... AND THE MONTH.../....’  has to be filled with the month(s) of the taxes you have to pay (you can pay for 2 months).

→ The first square labeled ‘Identification of the person submitting the declaration’

  • You have to fill in the ‘national number’, which is your ‘rijksregisternummer’ or ‘numéro de registre national’ (at the back of your ID).

  • Your name and first name + designation (in this case is ‘Instructing party’).

  • The address of your domicile.

→ The second square labeled ‘Calculation of the tax without upper limit’ :

You will find all the information to fulfil this square in the document we sent you named ‘TOB overview’.

  • If you traded ETFs, you have to fill in the line of 0,12% with the number of transactions + the tax basis + the amount of the tax you will pay.

  • If you traded stocks, you have to fill in the line of 0,35% with the number of transactions + the tax basis + the amount of the tax you will pay.

  • Finally, you have to fill in the total amount, the rest of the square does not need to be filled for trading with BUX, but be careful that you might have assets with other brokers, we always advise you to contact your tax advisor for help.

→ Sign the document at the end.

Once it has been filled in, you can send it to CPIC.TAXDIV@minfin.fed.be

And pay the amount of tax to this bank account : 

IBAN: BE39 6792 0022 9319


The document to fill in can be also found here :

English: https://finance.belgium.be/sites/default/files/Changement%20de%20compte%20formulaire%20TOB%20EN.pdf

French: https://finances.belgium.be/sites/default/files/TD-OB1-FR.pdf

Dutch: https://financien.belgium.be/sites/default/files/TD-OB1-NL.pdf

German: https://finanzen.belgium.be/sites/default/files/TD-OB1-DE.pdf

We hope this helps.

More information can be found on: https://financien.belgium.be/ but If you have any other questions we’ll do our best to assist you, please just get in touch with our support team in the chat.

Note: from the 1st of December, we will automate this process. Here are the details:

  • From 1 December, we will automatically withhold 0.12% for ETF buy or sell orders, and 0.35% for stock buy or sell orders.
  • We will then file and pay your monthly tax amounts for you.
  • This will also apply to any existing Savings Plans. You will find the updated amount in the Savings Plan overview, as well as in your usual deposit reminder before the execution. If you have a recurring bank deposit, please remember to update it.
  • This only affects order amounts and does not apply to BUX Zero fees, including the fee for the Savings Plan.
  • The maximum amount of tax you can be charged per transaction is €1300 for ETFs and €1600 for shares.
  • If you do not update your app, then the order review screen for future trades will not be accurate. You will not see the tax as part of your order amount, but it will be charged - however, the ex-ante report will give you the correct information