If you are a Belgian citizen you have to pay tax on stock-exchange transactions (TST). At the moment BUX can not do this for you, but we are working hard to make it possible in the future. This means that for now, you have to submit this information yourself. This can seem a little complex so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. 

What is TST?

Belgian tax residents are required to pay tax after every transaction in a Belgian or foreign financial security. It’s called the Belgian Stock Exchange tax or ‘taks op de beursverrichtingen ’(TOB). This tax is calculated as a percentage of the total price of the executed orders. For shares the percentage is 0.35% and for ETFs the percentage is 0.12%. The maximum amount of tax per transaction is €1600,-.

What can you expect?

Each month BUX will send you an overview of all orders you have executed and the amount of tax you should pay. We will also remind you where you can fill in your tax form, how this works and where you should pay your taxes. 

How to fill in the declaration?

You will need to download the declaration form here, print, fill in, sign and send the form to CPIC.TAXDIV@minfin.fed.be. The declaration must be filed and the tax paid no later than the last working day of the second month following the month the transaction was executed. 

Please note that the filing of your declaration is your sole responsibility and that BUX will not accept any related liability.

Below you can see an example of a filled in form. We hope this helps.

More information can be found on: https://financien.belgium.be/ but If you have any other questions we’ll do our best to assist you, please just get in touch with our support team.