Be assured that we are working very hard on making US stock investing available in the BUX Zero app. Originally the plan was to launch in March 2020 and from a technical point of view, the app is ready for this. However, due to recent market developments, financial partners that we rely on to unlock this feature for BUX, have experienced delays.

What does that mean?

Offering you the ability to invest in US stocks in the BUX Zero app means we have to connect to the US markets. Because of the global Covid-19 outbreak stock markets around the world have seen unprecedented levels of trading activity. Our partner in the US is one of the biggest players in global financial markets and has been focusing on maintaining its system integrity and keeping all operations runnings smoothly during this period to ensure stable trading conditions. Understandably, this has shifted priorities and has put other things, such as adding new trading platforms, on hold.

We would love to launch US stocks, it has been our focus since the beginning of the year and we are working on resolving this issue together with our partners as soon as possible.  We will be able to offer US stock investing once the markets and our financial partners' operations normalize in the coming months. As soon as we have some more information we are going to communicate this to our users. So keep an eye on your inbox.