While BUX Zero was still in development, we asked users interested in the app to join a waiting list. Now that the app is live, we are slowly inviting these users to open accounts with us in an orderly fashion. Users who joined the waiting list first and invited their friends to do so as well will be the first to onboard.

To see your spot in the queue download the app and fill in your email-address. You can also move up in the queue by inviting your friends using your unique invitation link. This link can be found in the app as well. As soon as your friends join the waiting list you will move up in the queue.

The waiting list works together with our free shares promotion. Everyone who signs up to the waiting list is eligible for a free share. You will receive your free share once you have opened an account using the BUX Zero app. Please note that the process to award free shares is run at specific times each day. So you might not always receive your shares immediately after your account is created.

It is also possible to get multiple free shares. You will receive one free share every time a friend you previously referred to the waiting list opens an account in the BUX Zero app. As mentioned earlier, you can invite friends with your unique invitation link. You can receive up to 10 free shares in this manner.

For more information regarding the conditions of the promotion check out the page here.